These Items Will Help You Relax to the Max Poolside in Palm Springs

Posted By: Palm Springs Insider Saturday, May 13, 2017

Palm Springs, California has undeniably become an LGBT playground over the years. From happy and gay Arenas Road to the clothing optional resorts, this section of California is, without a doubt, the perfect destination for your next gaycation. In order to fully relax and enjoy, however, there are a few things you should pack or add to your shopping list.

Where in Palm Springs Can You Buy Stylish Hats and Glasses?
The Uptown Design District is probably the gayest, most fashionable, boutique-laden shopping area of Palm Springs – particularly when you consider that it beat out every other United States city (including Miami and Beverly Hills) for being outlandishly stylish. If you're looking for Louis Vuitton and Chanel, vintage apparel is available at Mitchell's. Classic 1970s chic all the way to modern is available at The Frippery. Local boutiques like Destination PSP, Wil Stiles and Just Modern offer a vast array of just about everything, including scented candles for that bubble bath later.

Palm Springs Is Hot and Sunny – Don't Forget Your Sunscreen
In Palm Springs you should never be out in the sun too long without sunscreen. If you want a little bit of a tan, you can always go for a lesser SPF – say 30 – as opposed to 50 SPF or higher to completely assure skin protection. The resort gift shop is bound to sell sunscreen but you can save a few bucks if you buy it at an offsite store.

Where in Palm Springs Can You Buy Stylish Swimwear?
Most of the gift shops in the area resorts will have swimwear but if you want something more stylish than just head into town. Destination PSP, Canyon Beachwear (women's swimwear only), Chelsea Lane, and Gay Mart are all distinct possibilities when it comes to purchasing swimwear when staying at a Palm Springs resort. By the way, it's a long drive to the beach, so the pools are about your only chance to wear your stylish swimming gear.

What Is Proper Pool Attire?
Proper pool attire will vary depending on the place and location. Many men’s resorts are clothing optional so attire can range from stylish to well, nothing. If you’re at a mainstream resort, then casual and stylish swimwear in probably in order. Lastly, you might consider visiting one of the public yet classy places like The Ace Hotel & Swim Club or ARRIVE Palm Springs where they offer day passes in more of a ‘pool party’ type atmosphere. If you’re at one of these posh locations, dressing to impress might be worthwhile.


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