Running Wild & Staying Fit On Your Palm Springs Getaway

Posted By: Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Running Wild in Palm Springs will absolutely help you get, or stay, in shape during your visit with us here in Paradise! I'm not talking about just running wild through the village streets either, although, that also can have some exhilarating results. Rather, I'm talking about the most amazing and complete, the ultra excellent store for all your fitness gear, located right here in Palm Springs. It's Running Wild and it is my pleasure to introduce you.

I totally love Running Wild! They have everything the runner and/or fitness enthusiast needs to stay happy and healthy during your stay in Palm Springs. And I mean everything! The variety of athletic, training, running, walking and exercise shoes is beyond compare. 

Running Wild also carries every sports accessory you can imagine. It is just as they say on their web site, 'If you need to eat it, drink it, stow it, protect it, measure it or time it, - We've got it! From nutrition items to watches to insoles and more, we've got it covered.' And they really do! Their selection of technical apparel is vast and of the best quality available. But it is two qualities about Running Wild which 
impress me the most, visit after visit...

The first is their stunning array of footwear. Again from their own web site, it is true! 'Everyone has a unique set of feet - we have a wide array of top quality running and walking shoes that will accommodate your specific needs.  Whether your feet have no arches or high arches, narrow heels or a wide foot... We've got the shoes for you!'. You really have to pay them a visit and see for yourself how many top quality pairs they offer and all at very reasonable prices. Now for the second quality!Run

I have visited Running Wild several times over the last few months since becoming the Desert Fitness blogger here at, each time unannounced and without introduction. Sneaky? Not really! I was just so impressed with my first visit and the praise I received for RW from friends and colleagues, that I wanted to make sure I wasn't dreaming about their impeccable, knowledgeable and always welcoming, friendly owners and employees. You can pinch me if you want, but I wasn't dreaming! With each incognito visit, the genuine customer care and concern for my satisfaction was 
not only met, but exceeded. Your feet, your body and mind are their first priorities at Running Wild, evidenced from start to finish and beyond. Their excellent service continues once you are away with your purchases, as they are always there to handle any challenge, answer any question, to help you stay fit and healthy during your visit to Palm Springs and for the long term, as well!  

Fitness pro or novice exerciser, you owe it to yourself to stop into Running Wild! It is now my #1 choice when it comes to athletic footwear, apparel and accessories in Palm Springs. And it is their incomparable customer service which makes this profile a pure delight to share with you. Stay fit, stay healthy, love your PS vacation and remember to always go Running Wild!

Running Wild is conveniently located at 611 S. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite 10, Palm Springs, CA 92264 Store Hours are 10:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday. 10:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday
Telephone 760-322-9453

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