An Exciting Art Experience For Kids in Palm Springs

Chagall for Children

Posted By: Sarah Romero Tuesday, April 12, 2016

At The Circus by Marc Chagall

Festival-goers coming from L.A. and San Diego for Coachella Fest aren’t the only ones who will be getting an immersive experience into the world of light, color, and sound over the next two weekends. So will families visiting the Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert for the traveling exhibit, Chagall for Children, going on now through April 27, 2016.


Focusing on the works of the much-loved master artist, Marc Chagall, the exhibit introduces kids and families to his whimsical style through hands-on installations that stimulate all of the senses, including:

  • Arranging artificial flowers into bouquets and pushing buttons to smell different types of flowers at the station featuring Chagall’s “Flowers” (1971)

  • Posing in between a video camera and a larger-than-life version of Chagall’s “At the Circus” (1976) to see yourself become part of the painting

  • Using a touch screen to superimpose your face onto Chagall’s “The Green Violinist” (1923-24)

  • Attaching Velco feathers to a soft sculpture copy of Chagall’s “The Rooster” (1929)

  • Pushing buttons to listen to and create music to match what you feel about the painting at a station featuring Chagall’s “The Concert” (1957)


Flowers by Marc Chagall

There are 14 stations in all, and each is also equipped with a phone receiver to pick up so you and your budding art lover can listen and learn about each painting.


The exhibit is included in the price of admission to the Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert (CDMOD). Check the CDMOD website for their normal hours and admission prices.


Are you a Chagall fan? What’s your favorite painting? Tell us in the comments!