Bacon and Legs at Pinocchio

Shake Your Sass with the Dancing Diners of Pinocchio

Posted By: Tuesday, April 17, 2018

By Kevin Perry

Brunch is a religion in the gay community. We prefer hims to hymns, Saturdays over Sundays, and please swap out that watery altar wine with a bloody, Mary. We’re serious about our hybrid breakfast/lunch/cocktail ritual, and the Mecca of mid-morning mmm is Pinocchio in the Desert.

Pinocchio Patio

With classic diner fare hearty enough to satisfy any hangover, Pinocchio isn’t lying when it comes to puppeteering your pleasure. Lobster Benedict, Mexican Schnitzel, Kali Burrit--OH, but why are we still talking about the food? This place has an all-day happy hour that includes bottomless champagne for $4.95!

We’ll wait for you to exhale.



That’s right, take a breath and listen up: the party starts at 7:30am, but just because the happy hour lasts all day, that doesn’t mean you can. Diners – who are we kidding – DRINKERS are limited to 90 minutes with their new bottomless best friend.

 But don’t worry, that’s ample time for you to catch the real special of the day: the impromptu dancing shenanigans (#DanceNanigans) of the waitstaff. Just as the bubbly elevates your consciousness to a proper Saturday level, a blast of salsa hits you. No, not the condiment – the music! An aggressively jaunty tune blares from the speakers and before you know it, a waiter circles your table like a Merengue shark that’s hungry for the dance.

Will s/he pick you? Are your buzzed legs steady enough to two-step? Can you get another bottle of champagne before your 90 minutes is up? These are the fanciful thoughts that shimmer through your brain as the waiter chooses his/her victim and pounces!

The boogie ensues, and one lucky diner sashays around the cramped space under the careful tutelage of the waltzing waiter. “Nimble” doesn’t begin to describe how carefully and lovingly this unlikely pair maneuvers between the tables, never toppling a table, yet forever upending the beloved sacrament of brunch.

Peace be with you… and finish that last sip of mimosa, my child.

Ms Monroe greets you at the entry.
Marilyn will greet you at the entry.


Pinocchio in the Desert

134 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way

Palm Springs, CA. 92262

(760) 322-3776