At Trousdale’s Timeless Modern, Bruce Rise Features the Best of Several Eras in Furniture and Accessories

Posted By: Lawrence Karol Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Like many people who become full-time residents of Palm Springs, Bruce Rise started out as a weekender who spent many years traveling between Los Angeles and the desert. “Sunday evenings became more and more depressing having to leave and head back to LA,” he says. He knew that wanted to begin spending the majority of his time in Palm Springs and that meant working here as well.

Bruce Rise

His solution: Two years ago he opened Trousdale’s Timeless Modern, a store in the Uptown Design District that features a collection of modern furniture and accessories from several eras that combine to create a stylish, upbeat, relaxed look. “Our concentration is timeless design spanning post-World War II to the last days of disco,” says Rise.

Prior to opening Trousdale’s, Rise had a long stretch in major gift development for well-known Los Angeles institutions including Caltech, and seven years as Director of Major Gifts at Center Theatre Group—the Ahmanson, Mark Taper Forum, and Kirk Douglas Theatre. “After getting the weekend place in Palm Springs I had the privilege of hearing Kirk and Anne Douglas share stories about their heady days here in the '50s and ‘60s!” says Rise.

Bruce Rise
 Owner Bruce Rise in front of his shop. The vintage golf cart is courtesy of Bruce Munger.

Nowadays, Rise is thriving in his new career as a local businessman. “What I most love about doing business in Palm Springs are all the lovely people that come through Trousdale's doors—both locals and visitors,” says Rise. “Everyone is at their best in Palm Springs. Surrounded by all this warmth and beauty they check their stress at the 111 exit and keep smiling the whole time they are here.”

“And their enthusiasm for all things midcentury modern is truly inspiring. I'm also inspired by my many colleagues up and down ‘the drive’ who together create this thriving Uptown Design District. It's fun being a small business owner in a small town filled with cosmopolitan people.”

Trousdale’s Timeless Modern, 1009 North Palm Canyon Drive, 323-219-5042

Front of shop: Photo by Bruce Munger
Interior of shop: Photo by David Uible

Front of shop:

Photo Credit Bruce Munger


Inside shop: Photo Credit David UibleFront of shop:Photo Credit Bruce Munge


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