Branding Specialist John-Patrick Flynn And Acme House Company Help Visitors Find The Ideal Vacation Rental

Posted By: Lawrence Karol Sunday, July 24, 2016

Acme House Company has been offering vacation rentals since 2008 and their business model is based on providing five-star guest experiences in well-maintained, well-managed homes.

John Patrick

John-Patrick Flynn has been Acme’s Branding Specialist since 2013. Prior to moving to Palm Springs he was living in New York City and has been working since 1985 as a Branding Specialist who consults with small businesses to help them grow to the next level.

Flynn relocated to Palm Springs when he was recruited by designer Christopher Kennedy to help build his brand. “When I started with Christopher back in 2006, it was just him and one designer working out of the spare room in his condo,” says Flynn. “I was blown away by Christopher's talent, vision, and promise. His enthusiasm and business acumen was like a magnet. It drew me to Palm Springs where we had an amazing eight-year ride together. Today, Christopher Kennedy Inc. is a national brand—he is one of the most published and successful designers in the country and his name is synonymous with Palm Springs.”

After helping Kennedy launch his eponymous furniture line and his first Modernism Week Show House, Flynn knew he was ready to take on a new challenge. “We accomplished all the goals we had outlined and it was time to turn Christopher and his brand over to licensing agents, publicists, and contract attorneys with the expert to guide him in his celebrity status,” says Flynn.

The move proved serendipitous since it was right about this time that Mike Flannery of Solterra Builders was ready to grow his fledgling vacation home rental management service, Acme House Company, to the next level. “Like Christopher, Mike is a gifted visionary who was poised to incorporate the essence of Palm Springs into his brand. His foundation for Acme House Company was solid and I knew I wanted to be a part of what he was creating,” says Flynn.

“Together, Mike and I have worked with his incredibly talented team to chart a course for building a uniquely guest-oriented vacation home rental management company that respects Palm Springs, its neighborhoods, and the full-time residents who live here,” he adds.

And Flynn’s admiration for his adopted hometown is boundless. “Living in Palm Springs is like stepping back to a simpler time where the social life is intertwined with the love of art, architecture, design, and fashion,” he says. “We celebrate style here in all forms.”

Photograph Courtesy of Acme House Company

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