Checking In To The Rossi Hotel

Posted By: Lawrence Karol Friday, February 03, 2017

The option to stay in your own private oasis within a private oasis may sound like an unlikely possibility, but at The Rossi, it will be a dream come true.

Rossi Pool





This boutique property has only eight suites and each one has a private patio and a private jacuzzi. "It's all about spending time with your significant other—all about privacy" says the hotel's owner Marina Rossi. "One thing about this hotel that I think is really different than a lot of others is we tend to be a special occasion hotel. So we get a ton of anniversaries, birthdays, proposals."

The hotel, formerly known as the San Giuliano, has been owned by Rossi since 1994. "We've been working on a rebranding for about six months and just changed the name this month," she says. "People couldn't pronounce or spell San Giuliano [so] we decided we needed a good, strong, simple name." Rossi renovated all of the hotel's suites when she first purchased the property, but the rebranding involved even more upgrades and renovations to every room.









Each of the suites has a name that conveys a bit about it's interior design. "The thread is kind of antiques," says Rossi. "We're very international here so [for example] the headboard over the bed in The Ranch Hacienda is a door that came from Errol Flynn's estate. The Sedona has these really cool, huge doors from Mexico that are 300 years old. We have new things, we have old things [and there are] pieces in every room that identify with the name."

All of the suites surround the pool except for one, The Fountain Hacienda, which has a private entrance from the street, along with a huge wraparound garden, a big veranda—and, yes, its very own fountain. The room sizes vary and a few, such as the Sunset and the Sunflower have the feel of a small home with a living area, kitchenette, and separate bedroom.

The hotel's generous amenities include a line of bath products with scents developed by Rossi in conjunction with Three Crows Soap and Bodyworks, a mini-refrigerator, microwave, Verismo coffeemaker, blender, cocktail shakers, Apple TV, and DVD, CD, and Bluetooth players.

Rossi Ranch








But Rossi has also taken the amenity package up a notch with a private in-room dining option. Guests chose dishes from a menu developed by a private chef who will then serve the meal to them on their own private patio. The service includes a musical accompaniment such as a guitar or violin.

The resort will also book massages and facials that take place in the privacy of the guest's suite or on their patio. The treatments include an aromatherapy diffuser with the hotel's scent, as well as a massage oil (also infused with the hotel's scent) that is given to the guest at the end of the massage as a gift.

And there's no need to leave your best friend at home. Pets are welcome for a $40/night fee.

Rates start at $150 and can go up to $800 depending on which room you book, the time of year, and whether there are any special events going on in the Coachella Valley.

The Rossi, 375 West Arenas Road, Palm Springs, 760-325-7100,









Captions (top to bottom): The pool area and most of the rooms have stunning views of the San Jacinto Mountains; the large veranda and outdoor space of The Fountain Hacienda; the headboard in The Ranch Hacienda is a door that came from Errol Flynn's estate; the patio of The Sunflower Hacienda.

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