Meet Andy Wysocki and Bill Sanderson of Townie Bagels

Posted By: Lawrence Karol Tuesday, February 14, 2017

You might not think it would be hard to find a great bagel in Palm Springs—but you'd be wrong. Unless, of course, you head to Townie Bagels inBagels the south end of town.


Andy Wysocki, who owns the café with his husband Bill Sanderson, grew up in New England and he's put together a bagel menu based on the flavors of a New York bagel bakery. His bagels are made with no-additive flours, mixed and shaped the night before they're boiled in malted water, then baked upside down for several minutes before they're flipped over. The café also sells USDA Organic Certified breads including French baguettes, sourdough, and mini-honey flax.


Despite the runaway success of their business, the couple were restaurant neophytes. Before moving to Palm Springs they ran a software company where Andy did most of the development and Bill did sales and marketing.


"Andy has always liked to bake," says Sanderson. "He baked pies and bread for most of our 25 years together. After we arrived in Palm Springs, he started making bagels for our weekly coffee meeting with friends. It was a personal challenge to make bagels every Sunday for a year to perfect them. Andy also took a baking class at the San Francisco Baking Institute for baguettes."


Clearly, Wysocki's perfectionism has paid off since the café has been packed since the day it opened in August 2015. "The locals have embraced us and our store," says Sanderson. "Without them, we could not have done this."


Townie Bagels, Bakery, Café, 650 East Sunny Dunes Road, 760-459-4555,


Caption: Bill Sanderson (left) and Andy Wysocki, owners of Townie Bagels

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