What To Drink At Counter Reformation At The Parker Hotel

Posted By: Lawrence Karol Thursday, April 06, 2017

The Parker Palm Springs hotel is set on 13 acres that feature lush plantings, meandering pathways, two pools, a spa, and multiple Counter Reformationrestaurants.


A recent addition to the property's offerings is Counter Reformation, a wine bar with 17 wines from around the world, and small productions that are hard to find. "[The name comes from our belief] that great food doesn’t have to be served at a formal dining table—a counter works just as well," says the restaurant's manager Christina Taboada.


"Designed by Jonathan Adler, we are a counter with 14 seats," she adds. "Finding us is like stumbling into a neighborhood wine bar on the streets in a quaint European city. We invite our guests to repent and relax while enjoying a glass of wine and, if you’re hungry, some small bites from Chef Herve."


Taboada says she often starts guests off with the bar's Garganega from Inama Vin Soave. "I love this wine for a special reason—it’s made by a father and son team that call making wine their favorite hobby. Producing great wines together for over 40 years, you can really taste their passion in every sip."


Counter ReformationAnd Taboada suggests guests pair the Garganega with the Santa Barbara Sea Urchin Escabeche which is served over a thin brioche toast and sweet corn puree, then finished with pickled fennel and a sprinkle of espelette [a chile pepper that comes from the Basque region of France and Spain].


4200 East Palm Canyon Drive, 760-770-5000


Captions (top to bottom): The charming interior of the bar which was designed by Jonathan Adler; the Santa Barbara Sea Urchin Escabeche appetizer


Photography Courtesy of Le Méridien

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