Drag Divas After Dark

Spend an evening with the “ladies” of Palm Springs

Posted By: Tuesday, October 15, 2019


By day, you’re a mild-mannered go-getter multi-hyphenate clad in sensible tweed and distinguished restraint…

But that’s SO not you (we’ve met).

Drop the blahs and get some ahs, because the moon is comin’ out and so are you! Palm Springs boasts a bevy of drag supremacy every night of the week, so we’ve compiled an itinerary of eye candy (an eye-tinerary, if you will… and we know you will). Pack your calendar like a stuffed bra and join the fun!

Monday? We just can’t. So, let’s start with Tuesday and sashay our way back around, shall we?

Drag show at Retro Room


Let it all hang out (within reason, honey) at Untucked Tuesdays. Conjure up your best disco drama with karaoke at Retro Room Lounge, hosted by the legendary Jason Eberle. You may know her better as Jayla D. Foxx but tonight, she’s shining the spotlight on you and your vocal stylings, as they were.

And if you have a tendency for stage fright, drown those fears away with discount booze! In addition to being Untucked Tuesday, it’s also Top Shelf Tuesday. My sister, my daughter, my sister, my daughter! Yes, until 10pm, enjoy 50% off gin, whiskey, tequila, and vodka. Sounds like the perfect backup-band for your karaoke domination tour!

Exterior patio shot at Hunter's


Shake off the half-priced beverages, drag yourself to work (if you must), and then drag yourself even further to Hunters. Every Wednesday from 6pm-8pm, Rusty Waters has the balls to call BINGO. We’re guessing that your lucky number will be 7, because that’s the price of Ketel One drinks on humpdays at Hunters.

Oh, and that $7 drink special runs all day Wednesday, just in case you skip the “drag yourself to work” part and go straight (er, gay) to the bar when they open (at 10am).



Jayla D. Foxx is back, b-word! She’s summoning all startlets for a night of Drag Queen Karaoke at Retro Room Lounge from 8pm to 2am. This mic is hot!

Interior shot at Toucan's


And dueling for your attention, Toucans shines its neon brilliance on high, spinning 80s and 90s realness into your ear-holes starting at 6pm. But the mega fun ramps up at 9pm, when Jazmyn Simone opens up her “Playhouse”… get your mind in the gutter and join us for a lineup that puts the #Thirsty in #Thursdays!

Patio at Oscar's


You should have rested during the week (shame on you) because the Palm Springs drag intensity ratchets up on Friday nights. Oscar’s blinds you with star wattage from its (in)famous cabaret celebrity showcase. Turn back time with Cher, lose track of time altogether Liza-style, and enjoy Dolly Parton’s breast in show. These A-listers really live up to their reputations, so book your tickets early!

Interior shot of Copa Nightclub


If filth is more your cup of dirty tea… then we like you. We’ll probably bump into you at the Copa Nightclub, where Marina Mac pummels your innocence into submission every Friday from 9-10:30pm. This grind is a real find.



The gospel according to Oscar’s spilleth over from Friday to Saturday. Sing along with all the hits you enjoyed the night before but can’t quite remember (those drinks were strong; it’s not your fault).

The Retro Room delivers their signature Saturday one-two punch with Drag Queen Bingo in the afternoon and the Diva and Friends show starting at 10pm.

But, what’s this? A new diva is clawing her way onto the scene, so guard your eyes and maneuver blindly (yet safely) to Wang’s in the Desert. Keisha D is crooning her way into your soul, violently and loving, every Saturday from 6pm to 9pm. Get that Vitamin D!

The Judy Show at Purple Room



Keisha has also been known to grace the stage at the Purple Room, but their marquee draw is eternally Michael Holmes. His Judy Garland impersonation wrestles the iconic songstress from the annals of legend and into irreverent new life. Comedy, showstoppers, and naughtiness abound!

The Lord’s Day is also reserved for the unholy talents of Tommi Rose and her Playgirls, sassing it up royally at Toucans from 8-10pm. This truly is the culmination of a week’s worth of events and a lifetime of giving back; Tommi also calls Bingo on Saturdays and gets bitchy for Sunday brunch, which you would have known if you had read this rundown of drag musts, weekend edition.



And so we’ve finally reached the dreaded M-word… no, not menopause – we’re talking Monday. But ditch those blues and paint the town red because the drag weekend rages on at The Amigo Room. Bella da Ball emcees trivia night, where you can show off your big… brain while tucking away your inhibitions.

As the above calendar suggests, drag is no longer relegated to the fringes. It has come out of the shadows with maximum eye shadow! Every night, a new misadventure awaits, so get fabulous and get out there…