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Rock Climb at Desert Rocks Climbing Gym

  • Posted By: May 03, 2019

 By Kevin Perry

Elevate your perspective. Attain a higher purpose. Ascend to greatness. These are more than just empty platitudes at Desert Rocks; they are lofty pathways to Zen on the rocks.

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Explore Paradise with Big Wheel Tours

  • Posted By: December 27, 2018

By Kevin Perry



Tourists make the best tour guides. An exuberance for discovery spurs them forward, a curiosity for details fuels their soul, and a connection with their surroundings becomes contagious until you’re swept into the flow of an adventure in the making.

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Where to Nine and Dine in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: November 09, 2018

Golf has been a favorite activity in Palm Springs since Mr. O'Donnell built the first golf course back in in 1926. Today it's said there are over 120 courses in the entire valley. Palm Springs offers a number of great public courses, all of which offer great dining. Here’s are some to Nine and Dine options in Palm Springs.

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Palm Springs: A Cultural Oasis in the Desert

  • Posted By: October 03, 2018

By Lydia Kremer

Most of the world knows Palm Springs is a sublime Southern California desert oasis where towering majestic mountains and palm trees come together in dramatic fashion offering stunning vistas. But Palm Springs is steeped in a rich cultural heritage, too.

Its past history and current social life are inextricably woven which gives visitors much to celebrate!

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Escape to Palm Springs this Summer

  • Posted By: June 27, 2018

By Christina Cary 

Trade in cloudy skies for the luxurious sunshine of Palm Springs. Take in endless mountain vistas on a direct flight to Palm Springs International Airport. Unwind at a poolside soiree, dine al fresco and enjoy a glass of rosé under the romantic summer stars. Think hiking, riding waterslides, admiring desert flora, exploring the zoo and endless days of fun. Play and stay in a top vacation destination!

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Hiking in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: April 18, 2017
Indian Canyon

With gorgeous weather and unparalleled views, Palm Springs is a hikers paradise. There are literally hundreds of trails all across the Coachella Valley to explore. We’ll keep this article focused on trails in the immediate Palm Springs city area for simplicity, lest this short article tune into an encyclopedia.

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Outdoor things to do in the beautiful Palm Springs weather

  • Posted By: April 05, 2017

Spring is the perfect time to visit Palm Springs; the heat of the summer is still a ways off, but the cooler temperatures of the winter are starting to wane.

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Great Tours #3: Exploring the desert with a guide

  • Posted By: March 01, 2017

WindmillThis month we've been featuring amazing guided experiences in Palm Springs. Having a guide show you some of the intricacies of city life, behind-the-scenes sites, or relating specific local knowledge can make a good trip into a great and memorable vacation.

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Go climbing indoors at Desert Rocks

  • Posted By: December 20, 2016

I never thought I’d find myself 20 feet in the air, clutching narrow handholds, every muscle in my arms screaming from the weight of supporting my entire body as my feet struggled to stay anchored on bumpy ledges. Eventually the battle became too much, and I let go, falling backwards first sharply, then as my rope caught, I was gently lowered to the floor.

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