Have a Grrreat time at Fur Fridays

Get Your Paws Wet at Hunters’ Bear-Themed Happy Hour

Posted By: Wednesday, April 11, 2018

By Kevin Perry

As the sun nestles behind the oatmeal-textured ridge of the San Jacinto Mountains, a hoard of burly speciMENs ambles toward you. Their shoulders bulge, their nostrils flare, and chest hair peeks from every flannel, tank, and tee. Have you unwittingly stumbled into an uber-masculine lumberyard at quittin’ time? “Nope,” says the go-go gentleman clad in scanty briefs as he hoists a rainbow array of Jell-O shots into your purview…

This is Fur Friday.

Fur Friday

Hunters Nightclub is the perfect inaugural destination to kick off the weekend, and their Friday evening happy hour allows you to do so without busting your Palm Springs budget. For a mere $2, bears and their (PAWse for effect) hunters can indulge in well drinks and draft pints as they slough off the rigors of the workweek at the front bar. From there, they gradually migrate to the dance floor, where disco realness pulses in tune with the loping gyrations of the cuddly clientele.

Hunters Fur Friday

Speaking of cuddly, the staff is as friendly as a petting zoo, slinging suds and smiles with eager aplomb. Spike, Mary, Tommy, Evette – no matter who serves you, they do so with a sense of community pride. Beneath their (sometimes) gruff exteriors simmers a warmth that draws you in and keeps you coming back for refills. That’ll be $2, pal.

$ Beer

Hunters has plenty of competition, but that’s not the vibe on Arenas Road. This is one of the gayest blocks on the face of Sister Earth, where you can find six LGBT bars within a 75-yard radius. But instead of getting catty, they get busy. Each establishment claims a particular sector of the weekend, and Hunters owns Fridays at 5pm.

Bring your friends, bring your dancing shoes, and bring your bear-hugs, but don’t hibernate too long; Fur Friday happy hour ends at 7pm, though the meaty memories linger on…


Hunters Palm Springs

Hunters, a great gay bar in Palm Springs.


Hunters Nightclub

302 East Arenas Road

Palm Springs, CA. 92262-6633

(760) 323-0700