A peek inside the Bob & Dolores Hope estate

Iconic Palm Springs Home can be yours

Posted By: Erin Lawrence Monday, June 06, 2016

Sometimes you find the most amazing things when you’re just surfing the ‘net. I stumbled on the listing for one of the most iconic homes in Palm Springs; the former home of Bob and Dolores Hope.  It’s the domed dwelling that sits up on a hill overlooking southeast Palm Springs.  I’ve often wondered what it looks like inside, and thanks to the listing I now know… and so do you!

Bob hope house

Bob’s former address was 2466 Southridge Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264. You can’t get close to the property because it’s gated, though some hikes through the hills in this area do provide views from a distance.

The home (according to the realtor.com listing) features ten bedrooms (though previous listings have been known to say six or seven), 13 baths (ten full, three half), and stretches over 23,366 square feet.

The price for this piece of Palm Springs history is $24,999,000, though it was put on the market for twice that price a few years ago. One theory as to why it’s still unsold include that even the richest buyers don’t want to spend that much on a second home that’s undesirable due to the scorching heat for half the year. Despite the high price tag, some experts have said that the home could barely be rebuilt with even that much money.Bob hope house

The property has entertained dignitaries from all over the world and is viewed by many as one of the most iconic pieces of architecture in the world. Designed and built in 1980 by famed architect John Lautner, the property was designed to fit into its landscape.  

But it’s the rare photos that most interested me. The home was built to resemble a volcano, and indeed the domed roof has a large circular opening in the center to let in the desert sunlight. The property’s lot is an expansive 6.18 acres and you’ll find not just one, but two pools on site.
The listing is still active, though as Palm Springs heads into quiet season when it comes to real estate sales, it may stay that way for at least a few more months. Check out the listing (and more photos) for yourself here.
Bob hope house



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