A peek inside Cary Grant's former Palm Springs home

Spanish farmhouse replica recently sold for millions

Posted By: Erin Lawrence Monday, July 18, 2016

He was one of the legends of Hollywood; Actor Cary Grant was a hugely popular marquee draw in the 1950’s and 60’s.  It’s not surprising then, that his Palm Springs home recently sold for millions.  

Carey Kitchen

The property has been privately owned for many years, and the owners rented it out for weddings and special events.  Sadly that’s no more; at least for now, since the home has been sold to new owners for $3.5 million US, to someone "well known" in the entertainment industry who isn’t being named, according to the Desert Sun.

The six bed, six bathroom mansion called “Las Palomas” is set on 1.5 acres and covers 6,000 square feet at 928 N. Avenida Palmas in Palm Springs’ famous “Movie Colony” neighborhood. While you can't rent it or go inside any longer, you can drive by and gawk at a piece of Hollywood history. (And for more tips on how to enjoy a self-guided driving or cycling tour of some other fabulous and famous homes, read my blog, Touring Spectacular Homes in Palm Springs.)

The home has a gorgeous pool and yard that’s lush and green despite the desert climate. Built in 1930 in the Movie Colony neighborhood by John Byers, the estate was said to be built as an exact replica of a 19th-century southern Spanish farmhouse. Grant bought the home in 1954, as he was approaching retirement age. Carey Grant

The home had many other famous guests, including Howard Hughes, Sophia Loren, Katharine Hepburn, Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly, and Clark Gable, according to the original real estate listing for the sale.

Since Cary’s ownership, the home has been renovated and restored with special care taken by the previous owners to “preserve many of its original elements such as terracotta floor tiles, wood-burning fireplaces, colorful art deco bathroom tiles, and custom cabinetry.”

Since the home’s new owner is a mystery, it’s not known if it’ll ever come up for rent again, but you can enjoy a peek inside since the previous rental website is still online, or take a look at the real estate listing, for as long as the link stays active.
Carey Grant House
Photos courtesy thecarygrantestatepalmsprings.com and theagencyre.com


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