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Bond with Your Brethren and Sistren at Oscar’s Sunday Tea Dance

Posted By: Thursday, May 10, 2018

By Kevin Perry

Remember a simpler time when homos could be homos and it didn’t matter if you identified as a lumbersexual, a twink, a lipstick lesbian, or an [insert obscure classification here]-chaser? Whatever happened to the good ol’ gays?

They’re alive and fierce at Oscar’s Sunday Tea Dance.

Inclusiveness is the main course at this weekly must-attend soiree. Whether you just spent the last 48 hours lounging naked clothing-optional by the pool or strapping on your leather party gear, Oscar’s is the ideal weekend wind-down. The festivities start at 4pm, but don’t you dare arrive fashionably late; you should plan to be there early to avoid excessive wait times.

This place is popular, and for good reason.

Oscars Tea Dance

Once you manage to maneuver the line, you’ll enter an LGBT nirvana. Rainbow flags undulate in time with the retro soundtrack of your coming-out years. A garish drag queen conquers the balcony like Eva Peron, surveying her queerdom with regal charisma. Drinks flow freely in the cramped indoor cafe, but the back bar is a better bet. Sashay your way through the melee!

And what a magnificent melee it is. There are no strangers at this tea dance, just a wonderland of smiles that welcome you to a party to which you didn’t know you were invited. Dancing isn’t just an option; it’s a revelation. A burly arm wraps around your waist and whisks you into the throng as your body complies involuntarily. Welcome to FunkyTown, population: you.

Oscars Tea Dance Entertainment

But there’s also a twinge of wounded nostalgia to the proceedings. Some of the clientele are of the age that survived the disco decade from which the pulsing music was born. It was an era of sexual discovery as well as unspeakable loss. Many of our extended gay family didn’t make it through those tumultuous times, but their souls mingle with those who remain and cavort in their stead. Their absence isn’t explicitly mentioned; it doesn’t need to be.

We’re here, we’re queer, get on the dance floor.

Oscars Tea Dance

Oscar’s Café & Bar

125 E Tahquitz Canyon Way #108

Palm Springs, CA 92262

(760) 325-1188

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