Great Tours #2: fun & easy walking tours

Posted By: Tuesday, February 21, 2017

TourA great way to get to know a new city is by getting an expert to show you the ropes. Signing yourself up for a tour or a guided experience doesn't have to be boring or clichéd. Today's tours in Palm Springs are much more interactive and interesting, and you won't find a guide with an umbrella or a flag in sight!

This month we're taking a look at a series of tours you can take to get to know the city better. This week we're beginning with a couple of options for walking or driving tours.

Desert Tasty Tour

Designed with foodies in mind, Desert Tasty Tours is a small local business that aims to give you a good sense of the food scene in the city. On these three hour walking tours you’ll visit a number of different restaurants and food shops where you'll be able to sample some signature dishes, proprietary wine, and even take home free samples in some cases.

Desert Tasty Tours meet at a central location on Palm Canyon Drive, and the first restaurant is usually steps away. At each different location, and knowledgeable local guide will tell you a bit about the place you’re dining at, what makes it special, and what keeps customers coming back. Then you'll be able to sample the tastes and flavors for yourself before it's onto the next place. The tours are well designed so that you're not walking a lot; just enough to work off what you're eating!

The variety of stops is interesting and includes places like restaurants, dessert establishments, candy shops, and food stores, and encompasses businesses from large multinational hotel chains, to small independent local retailers.  It's a great way to dip your toes in the local dining scene without committing to a full meal.

For info: or (760) 870-1133

Historical walking toursWalking Tour

Learning about the history of a new city can help you understand and appreciate it. The Palm Springs Historical Society has designed a series of historical walking tours that allows you to learn a bit about the city, or about its Hollywood roots. With tour options that cover places where the Rat Pack lived and partied, or some architecturally and historically significant homes, there's bound to be a historical walking tour that will interest you.

Guided by knowledgeable locals (in our case by a retired architect) the tours are loaded with history, celebrity name dropping, and jaw-droppingly beautiful properties.
The tours run at different times of day and different days of the week, so you can usually find something that will work for your visit schedule.

For info: or 760-323-8297

The Modern Tour

WexlerIf you love the rich history of Palm Springs and its unique architecture, you’ll want to sign up for The Modern Tour.

This ultra small group tour will take you not just past, but inside several stunning privately-owned modern homes all over Palm Springs and as such this tour is done in a small van.

Led by the very knowledgeable author Michael Stern, the tours are a fascinating glimpse behind the walls and inside the doors of some of the city’s most amazing architecture. Stern is also the official tour operator of the Palm Springs Art Museum and he’s authorized to give tours of the stunning Frey II house. (Read more about that here from Part 1 of our Great Tours Series)

On a recent tour it was a pleasure to bask in Michael’s deep knowledge of history and architecture, like hearing the stories of the iconic Twin Palms Estate once owned by Frank Sinatra as we stood poolside.

That same tour also afforded us a room-by-room tour of one of the seven Wexler Steel Houses in north Palm Springs. While this tour costs more than most, the opportunity to be inside these iconic homes is unforgettable, and only available through this tour.

For info: or 760-904-0904

Next week part three of this series will look at how to enjoy the sands and outdoor sights of the desert with a guide.

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