Uptown's Trio Restaurant

  • Posted By: February 07, 2019

By Kevin Perry


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Support Locals. Pay it Forward with a Gift Card

  • Posted By: March 17, 2020

With all of the uncertainty in the coming weeks, we know that many restaurateurs and local businesses are going to be severely impacted. Support them by buying gift cards. You'll have an amazing meal to look forward to and will play a part in helping their business in these tough times.

533 Viet Fusion Restaurant

Ace Hotel & Swim Club Palm Springs

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Palm Springs is the Perfect Destination for a Wellness-Inspired Getaway

  • Posted By: March 06, 2020

The new year is in full swing and it’s safe to say we all have a growing list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2020. Whether you’ve made a goal to read more books, be more spontaneous, go to the gym more, spend more time outdoors, or simply take care of your mental health––there’s one place in sunny SoCal that has all you need to make those wellness-inspired goals a reality.

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48 Hours Outdoors in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: February 19, 2020

By Kevin Perry


Before we even finish this sentence, we’re guessing you can name the number one reason why everyone loves Palm Sprin—


That’s right, our climate is as warm as our welcome. We average 269 sunny days per year, and we make the most of them. Our temperate winter climate complements the sunlight to keep you cool, calm, and connected. The forecast calls for fun, so explore all that Palm Springs has to offer…



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48 Hours in Palm Springs for the Modernista

  • Posted By: January 31, 2020

By Barbara Beckley

It’s not just architecture that makes Palm Springs the modernism capital of the world.  It’s everything!

Modernism is a way of life here in Palm Springs. From cocktails to clothes, pools to supper clubs, décor to events like Modernism Week – Palm Springs has never left the swinging ’50s and ‘60s.  

Remember the ‘60s smash movie Palm Spring Weekend?  That’s all the time it takes to trip the light fantastic and star in your own glamourous Palm Springs story – titled perhaps, “The Real Rat Pack of Palm Springs.”  

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The Best Wine and Beer Tastings in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: January 13, 2020

By Kevin Perry

It’s the quintessential, quenching, quite inviting question: What are you drinking? Bartenders ask it with a welcoming gleam in their eye, but it sends beverage aficionados into fits of ponderousness. You don’t want to commit to a bad blend or a bitter brew. You need something that elevates your palate and intoxicates your soul. However, your adventurous side yearns to conquer new flavor landscapes, so you don’t merely want to reply to your bartender with a defeated “the usual.”

The perfect solution: go tasting with us!

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The Best Pizza and Italian Food in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: January 09, 2020

By Kevin Perry


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12 Best Burgers in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: December 17, 2019

By Kevin Perry

A good burger is like a great vacation; they both deliver simple satisfaction as they recharge your soul. No trip to Palm Springs would be complete without a taste of our no-nonsense noshes. The right burger puts you in the mood for indulgence and fuels your paradise party with protein power! We’re stacking up the competition for your dining pleasure, so open wide and take a ride on the succulent side…

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Your 4-Day Wellness Reboot

  • Posted By: December 09, 2019
Wellness Repoot

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