Easter is Sweet in Palm Springs

Posted By: Barbara Beckley Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Easter baskets in Palm Springs? You bet. Chocolate bunnies, sugar chicks, hand-crafted toffee and salt water taffy by the thousands ensure that your Palm Springs Easter vacation is sweet, sweet, sweet.

And the icing on the cake (I couldn’t resist) – is that Palm Springs’ custom confectioners are clustered along North and South Palm Canyon Drive – an easy Easter stroll – in your resort wear finery, of course – from one to another.   
Candy shop
You’ll find heaping barrels of custom-made salt water taffy at the family-owned Balboa Candy Company(www.balboacandy.com), and a huge array of vintage sweets from candy cigarettes in a variety of “brands” to Rocky Road and Mars bars, Jaw Breakers and Big League Chew bubblegum. “Salt water taffy is the favorite,” said Jackie and Nora, the friendly sales girls.  And no wonder. I estimated some 60 taffy flavors – think strawberry, caramel corn, chicken & waffles – amazing tastes. Visitors love the cute Palm Springs logo bags of taffy. School kids love the BeanBoozled jelly beans. “They’re like Russian roulette. You don’t know if you’ll get a good-tasting or a bad-tasting jelly bean,” Jackie explained.


ToffeeBrandini Toffee 
(www.brandinitoffee.com), the gourmet almond toffee desert darling, is a few doors down. This locally handcrafted delicacy was the brainchild of 25-year-old confectioner/owner Brandon Weimer, who cooked it up 10 years ago to pay for a student trip to Italy. The toffee is so sensational you’ll see photos of Branden with Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey and other foodie luminaries. Buy his toffee straight – in spring colored Easter packaging -- or in delicious combos like cashew almond toffee popcorn, toffee pretzels, hand-dipped ice cream bars, chocolate bark with almonds and toffee brownies. Custom-made Easter baskets are available with two or three days’ notice. Brandini uses the finest ingredients including Guittard chocolate, America’s oldest chocolatier dating from the Gold Rush (also used by See’s). 

See's Candies
Speaking of See’s Candies (www.sees.com)... The nearby See’s Candies on South Palm Canyon Drive has been a sweet-lovers go-to for decades. It’s brimming with all the Easter bunnies and soft and hard candies we know and love. 

Hop across the street for free samples of the melt-in-your-mouth handcrafted fudge and other hand-crafted sweets at longtime favorite locally owned and family operated Palm Springs Fudge & Chocolates (www.palmspringsfudgeandchocolates.com) on the Village Green. Then buy your favorite – choose from 14 delicious fudge varieties like chocolate mint and maple walnut – and wonderful peanut butter flavors. Or branch out. The hand-stretched brittle, truffles, custom-dipped candy apples, almond clusters, assorted creams chocolate spoons and divinity are equally heavenly.  

Pop into the neighboring Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop (www.rocketfizz.com), for an Easter sugar rush of classic bottled soda pops – more than 300 brands and dozens more root beers – and an amazing collection of  classic and contemporary candies from everywhere. Create your own Easter Basket. Simply pick out what you want – toys, candies and sodas, choose your colors and ribbons -- and the cheery clerks will make it on the spot! Soda flavors include s’mores and mud pie, candies range from bubble gum cigarettes to Haribo mini rainbow gummi frogs, and the toys include a dashboard Jesus – it is Easter, after all.

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