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F10 Creative: Delivering stay, play and dine experiences to Palm Springs

  • Posted By: March 15, 2019

By Kevin Perry

Great leadership is less about what you say and more about what you hear. Opening your mind, heart, and ears is essential to understanding the needs of the customer and the community at large.

F10 Creative is an ambitious collective founded on the masterful art of listening.

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Polynesia Style at Toucans Tiki Lounge

  • Posted By: February 28, 2019

By Kevin Perry

In case you hadn’t noticed, darlings, we are experiencing a drag revolution. Genders are bending, avant-garde is in-your-face, and RuPaul wins ALL the Emmys. Nowhere in Palm Springs is the spirit of this seismic/pelvic shift fiercer than at Toucans Tiki Lounge.

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Touring Achitecture in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: February 26, 2019

Over the last couple months we’ve had a look at some amazing homes in Palm Springs.  While they’re spectacular, many of them are off limits to the public. Fortunately there are some equally stunning public buildings where you can enjoy modernist architecture up close without a trespassing ticket!

We consulted expert Robert Imber, who runs Palm Springs Modern Tours about some of his must see architecture spots in the desert.  As far as public buildings go, he couldn’t pick just one!

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Desert X 2019

  • Posted By: February 18, 2019

By Barbara Beckley

From awesome art in the solitary sand to Palm Springs’ bus stops, stairs to nowhere at the Salton Sea, a glittery ghost palm and mid-century modern architecture as a sounding board, Desert X 2019 has turned the Coachella Valley into an artistic canvas for all to enjoy.   Feb. 9 - April 21, 2019.     

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Explore Paradise with Big Wheel Tours

  • Posted By: December 27, 2018

By Kevin Perry

Tourists make the best tour guides. An exuberance for discovery spurs them forward, a curiosity for details fuels their soul, and a connection with their surroundings becomes contagious until you’re swept into the flow of an adventure in the making.

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Modernism Week 2019 Tickets on Sale Now

  • Posted By: December 17, 2018

This 10 day signature event focuses on mid-century modern design and architecture that makes Palm Springs so unique. Over 75 events including Palm Springs Modernism Show at the Convention Center; Frey II House Tours, Double Decker Bus Tours, films, lectures, interior design tours, swanky parties and other special events. 

Here is a quick look at some of the events. Go to Modernism Week for a full listing.

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Spotlight: Stacy’s Piano Bar

  • Posted By: December 14, 2018

By Kevin Perry

If you could meet a hug emoji in human form, it would be Stacy Louis. The supremely affable entrepreneur who lends his name to Stacy’s @ Palm Springs is quick with a laugh and even quicker when you ask for his biographical information.

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Levis, Leather, and Love

  • Posted By: November 20, 2018

By Kevin Perry

Our hometown is the ultimate playground. You get friendly, you get sweaty, and you might get a couple of skinned knees [ALT: and you might get dirty], but it’s all in the name of good, clean(ish) fun. And as with any playground, some of us prefer to play rough.

Well, we’ve got you covered… but just barely.

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Where to Nine and Dine in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: November 09, 2018

Golf has been a favorite activity in Palm Springs since Mr. O'Donnell built the first golf course back in in 1926. Today it's said there are over 120 courses in the entire valley. Palm Springs offers a number of great public courses, all of which offer great dining. Here’s are some to Nine and Dine options in Palm Springs.

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