Levis, Leather, and Love

Explore the Edgy Side of Gay Palm Springs

Posted By: Friday, September 28, 2018

By Kevin Perry

Our hometown is the ultimate playground. You get friendly, you get sweaty, and you might get a couple of skinned knees [ALT: and you might get dirty], but it’s all in the name of good, clean(ish) fun. And as with any playground, some of us prefer to play rough.

Well, we’ve got you covered… but just barely.

The Palm Springs leather scene celebrates a bit of the grittiest and gruntiest. It's more than just a leather fashion statement; it can be a dance of empowerment and raw fun. So bring the testosterone tango out of the shadows and into the disco spotlight. 


600 East Sunny Dunes, Palm Springs | 10 am - 2 am daily

The buzz of a nearby streetlight tells the tale: the bar you are about to enter is safe yet secluded (and a bit on the dark side). Tool Shed is a short jaunt south of the bustling Arenas scene, and well worth the journey. You muscle your way into the intimate space, festooned by burly shoulders and bearded smiles.

The welcome wagon has never been this alluring.

If the bar area becomes too condensed, you can always step out to the smoking patio. There, you’ll find denizens enjoying cigarettes, medicinal fare, and oh-so-suggestive cigars. Now, catch your breath; the bar beckons you anew.

Tool Shed
Source: Tool Shed



321 East Arenas Road, Palm Springs | Opens daily at noon.

To gear up (pun firmly intended) for your leather vacation, this destination is a must. From chaps to straps, Rough Trade is stocked with enough naughty and nice to make St. Nick blush. Conveniently located across the street from Hunters, this daddy depot provides upscale products for down-and-dirty shenanigans. So, lace up those boots – the tour continues…

Rough Trade
Rough Trade Gear


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