Stay in Palm Springs

Masks are required in all indoor common areas and when you are unable to socially distance outdoors. Keeping Stays Safe.

Hotels and Resorts 

  • Social Distancing of six feet required when available
  • Masks required in all interior common areas and in exterior areas where you are not able to socially distance
  • Wear a mask for any outdoor food and beverage delivery
  • Density limitations are in effect

Short Term Vacation Rentals

  • Rentals allowed in private homes where the guest rents the entire home and does not share any common areas with others. Home-sharing is not allowed.
  • No events or group gatherings are permitted until approved by the State of California. Only guests registered for the home should be on premise.
  • Complete a deep cleaning after each rental, using products and protocols outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Ensure a 24-hour reservation gap between when a guest departs and a new arrival.
  • Some cities may have further restrictions regarding short-term vacation rentals. This guidance does not change any restrictions those jurisdictions have put in place.

Industry Guidance